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First Car (Actually... SUV) :)

I'm so thankful for 9-5 Auto and the car Joe found for me! I sent Joe a list of what I was looking for and how much I could spend and he had found my car within 3 weeks. You get a reliable car for a great price. Great customer service! I would definitely recommend 9-5 Auto to anyone looking for a car!
Hannah R. Topeka, KS

45 Cars

I have owned 45 vehicles so far and bought them at many different car lots. But that has changed. Two years ago I ran across Joe and 9-5 auto and I will never go anywhere else for a vehicle. He is the most honest man you will ever meet. He will do amazing things to satify his customer. He even stays in contact with you after the deal is done. You tell him what you are looking for and what you can afford and he gets it. If you dont know much about cars or dont trust car salesmen you need to go to 9-5 Auto!!! Thank You Joe 4 my last 4 vehicles I have purchased from you. They have been great cars. See ya for #5!
Thanks Joe for being such a good businessman and friend
John B. Emporia, KS

Dr Pepper

This past summer, I knew I was going to need to get a new car. My old one hadn't been working for a long while and I had been borrowing one of my parents' cars. Bummer was, the car I was using wasn't made for distance travel, so that kept me close to home.

One day I walked up to my mom in a frustrated mood and said something like, "I just need to get a car that can take me to Waco!" She looked back at me, a little confused, and asked why I need to go to Waco and I said that that's where the Dr Pepper Museum is located.

Sooooo, I hit up my pal Joe from 9-5 Auto and he hooked me up with this sweet '08 Honda Civic with only 52k miles on it! While it's spent some time in Guam and has some bumps and scratches, it feels way too nice for me and I've walked past it several times when trying to find my car (the panic button does work, in case you were wondering). Thanks, Joe!
-- Sam B. Wichita, KS

07 Denali

Such an amazing experience! We will definitely be back!! Joe was so great and willing to work with us to make sure we were completely satisfied!
-- Ashleigh M. Topeka, KS

Out of state buyer

I saw a vehicle I wanted on his page. We talked to Joe over the phone and then I drove from Missouri to Topeka. Joe was honest, reliable and all around great customer service. I will definitely be calling on 9-5 auto when I need to buy another vehicle and will refer anyone to his lot
-- Angela C. Independence, MO

Above and beyond

I have known Joe for quite a few years, but didn't know a whole lot about how he ran his car dealership until last year. After spending a summer working with him, I was not surprised to see that his personal beliefs and ethics transferred to his business. He was honest in all his dealings with customers and went above and beyond what anyone would be required to do in his position. He did all that was possible to ensure the customer was happy with their purchase. His dealership is connected with Kern Auto Repair (another trusted business) so he is able to make sure there are no problems with any of his vehicles. I have used 9-5 Auto for helping find trusted vehicles for many of my friends! Definitely recommend! -- Will S. Platte City, MO

4X4 Truck

My husband and I were looking for a small extended cab truck with 4 wheel drive. We had pretty specific requests for mileage and price. Joe was able to find exactly what we wanted and brought it in for us. He had an inspection done and a few repairs before we purchased. Joe was very good at communicating every step of the process and worked hard to get us the truck before we left for vacation. We appreciate all his help and love our new truck! -- Jill M. Topeka, KS

2005 Honda Pilot

9-5 is the best place to go when your are in need of a car. They will go out of their way to help you find what you are looking for. Great service and great customer service. I wouldn't recommend going any where else but 9-5 auto! -- Ashlee M. Topeka, KS

Sells with integrity

My wife and I had an amazing experience working with Joe. Joe is an honest salesmen that does business with integrity. We got a great car for a great price. He makes sure you are taken care of because I really believe he cares for ever customer he has. If your looking for a used car that is 1 year old or 20, 9to5 auto is the place to go. -- Logan L Manhattan, KS

Great and honest

I have purchased several vehicles from them over the years for myself and my family members. Honest and will go the extra mile to find the right vehicle at the budget you need. His partnership with Kern Auto Repair in the same building makes their cars outstanding values for the customers. You end up with a great used car and a honest, knowledgable mechanic for your service needs. They are always my first call when I need a vehicle. -- Wyatt J. Topeka, KS

Hate Car Shopping

I absolutely hate car shopping. Going to 9-5 Auto turned out to be an awesome experience. I was able to find a good car at a good price. Joe Hawkinson was a great, honest car dealer. I would not hesitate to do business at 9-5 Auto again, or to recommend 9-5 Auto to any car shopper. Karen S. Wichita, KS

Pilot, Again...

After totaling our vehicle we struggled to find anything we could afford that was comparable. We had a friend recommend 9-5 Auto and they had a vehicle for us at a great price and much better than any we were finding! Absolutely loved workinking with 9-5! Highly recommend to anyone -- Nannette R. Topeka, KS

Lexus RX330

If you're searching for a quality used car but don't know who you can trust, this is definitely the place to go in Topeka! I have bought two cars from Joe and both times he has gone above and beyond in helping me find exactly what I was looking for within my budget. Joe is definitely someone you can trust to sell you an awesome car, for an even awesomer price! -- Jon V. Topeka, KS

Honda CR-V

We bought a 2000 Honda CRV from 9-5 Auto, and we couldn't be happier. The service was exceptional. 9-5 went above and beyond to give us the smoothest experience finding us a vehicle we would love. I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else. Our next car will definitely be coming from 9-5! -- Chad B. Topeka, KS

Excellent Dealer

Joe is a great person to deal with. All his vehicles are in great condition. He will do whatever he can to help someone out. I tell everyone I know to get their next car from him. -- Chris K. Topeka, KS

2005 Toyota Sienna

I bought a 2005 Toyota Sienna from 9-5 Auto 2 years ago. It is a great vehicle. About a month after we bought it; one of the headlights went out. Joe offered to replace it. I did not take him up on it as I do not expect the dealer to pay for routine maintenance on a vehicle that is 10 years old. That speaks volume of who Joe is. I have never bought a vehicle from someone with that type of i?ntegrity. -- Brian N. Topeka, KS

2005 Suburban

A vehicle is a big purchase. When I'm looking I ask Joe first. Our last SUV and the one my wife currently drives have come from 9-5. This business gets my highest recommendation. -- Andrew H. Hutchinson, KS


Joe is Awesome to work with, will find you a vehicle that you want and make sure everything is in working order, we have bought 3 vehicles and getting ready soon to buy another one! Won't go anywhere else to buy, he is a very honest car salesman and you cant find that anywhere else!

2007 Honda Pilot

Thank you, Joe! You have made this unexpected journey better than we could have imagined! Love how God puts all the pieces together and uses His people to get it done! You're awesome, man!
Raymond R. Topeka, KS

Awesome car

Happy early birthday to me! Many thanks to my old guitar teacher and good friend Joe Hawkinson for hookin me up with these sweet wheels! Everyone should go check out 9-5 Auto in Topeka!
-- Jonathan V. Topeka, KS

Another first car

Huge thanks to Joe Hawkinson at 9-5 Auto for hooking me up, and to my brother Daniel for helping a ton through the process. You guys are a huge blessing!
-- Josiah P. Topeka, KS 

Great Guy

Joe is a Great and honest person to Deal with! Highly recommend getting you next amazing Deal 9-5 Auto
-- Eric W. Topeka, KS

First Car

I bought my first car from here and I got a great car for a great price! I will recommend anyone I know that's looking for a car to look here first. Joe is a great guy with great values!
Thanks Joe!
-- Caleb P. Topeka, KS

Helps customers

The car we bought 10 months ago ended up breaking down to the point of no return... Joe went out of his way to help in any area he could to get us in a new vehicle. We bought a Acura MDX. We could not be happier. 9-5 Auto owner, Joe Hawkinson, treats his customers the way any of us would want to be treated. Nice to have a car lot and owner we can trust.
-- Anne D. Topeka, KS

Helps after the sale

Joe Hawkinson blew our minds today!!! We thought the van we purchased from him was no longer under warranty and its in need of a new transmission:( Called Joe up just to make sure I wasn't missing anything and he said not only were we still under warranty, but that he would loan is another van, and that most, if not all our expense would be covered!!!! I brought our van to him to trade it out an hour later....now that's service!?? It's so nice to do business with someone that's so honest and offers such quick service;) Joe you rock!!!
-- Kylee M. Topeka, KS


TRUE STORY: Recently, I hit Joe Hawkinson up to see if he wanted to buy my '05 Honda for $3,500, he said: "Unless you want to sell it in a day, I think you should list it for $5,500, you'll have lots of calls, and won't be leaving $2,000 on the table. If it doesn't sell in a week or two, I'll pay you in cash close to what you were asking." What??? Ok! Within 10 days, we sold it for $4,600 from an ad we posted online.

I asked Joe, "What kind of a salesperson are you?" But I can answer that one: AN HONEST ONE. If you have a good import vehicle to sell, or need to buy one, talk to Joe at 9-5 Auto in Topeka FIRST. He's more than fair, and will restore your faith in car salespeople!

-- Andrea E. Topeka, KS


Joe works hard to get you the best price. It's weird to say, but I have never met a more honest car sales man. I bought a Honda Element from Joe just over a year ago. I told him what kind of vehicle I was in the market for. He then gave recommendations for a few different cars. I looked at them and decided on the element. I told him what I wanted and he got to work and quickly found the right car for me. A year later and still loving the car. I would recommend him to anyone in the market for a car.
-- Luke S. Topeka, KS


Honest, trustworthy, stands behind his vehicles to his own expense...... Heartily recommend.......
-- Scott D. Topeka, KS


Joe Hawkinson is one of the best used car salesmen out there. He is honest and truly cares about his customers. I would recommend him to anyone!
-- Will S. Kansas City, MO


Joe is a great guy, honest and hard working. I would recommend him to anyone and would certainly trust him to buy a vehicle.
-- Dr. T. Saint Louis, MO 


Great Service!  Sells quality vehicles!  You can trust these folks!
-- Willy B. Topeka, KS

International Van

We recently purchased a Honda Odyssey from Joe at 9-5 and we are so much more than pleased! What a great buying experience. We are from out of state so we put our trust in the pictures, the description on line and interaction with the seller. When we arrived to make the purchase, we were quickly helped through the paperwork and back on the highway home in less than an hour. The car ran flawlessly, just as advertised. Thank you for your business integrity! I look forward to doing business again with 9-5.
-- Craig R. Rockford, IL

Stephen S

I purchased a '99 Acura TL from 9-5 Auto. This was my first car-buying experience from a dealer, and I am extremely pleased and grateful for people as honest and helpful as Joe. He helped answer questions of mine, questions that he really didn't have to answer. I have always been a fan of the Acura TL, and this car fits the bill. If you're ever looking for a car, and you are in or near this area, stop by!
-- Stephen S. Guthrie, OK

Another Mechanic Referral

Thank you for stellar a/c repair referral! We were incredibly pleased with our experience, and are thrilled to have air conditioning in the civic again. It is an ice cube on wheels now!
-- Shawna B. Topeka, KS


Found exactly what we were looking for, had it checked out, cleaned, oil changed, slight problems fixed, and even delivered it to us in Wichita. After sales tax, we still paid less than expected. Very VERY pleased!
Beth B. Wichita, KS

Mechanic Referral

Most honest, helpful, and best used car dealer I have ever worked with!! Thanks so much for your help Joe!! :)
-- Karen P. Topeka, KS


9-5 Auto was the best experience I had ever has with buying a vehicle! They made getting the van I wanted painless, and went the extra miles for me at every turn. If you want the car of your dreams at an affordable price, go with 9-5.
-- Nate H. Hutchinson, KS

Hate Car Buying

What a good way to buy a car! Which I dread, but Joe is a great dude and I wouldn't buy from anyone else. Thanks again Joe!
-- Seth T. Lawrence, KS

School Car

Wanted to Thank Joe From 9-5 Auto For Finding My Daughter's Her First Car. We Couldn't Be Happier With the Car or the Great service we got! Will Definitely Be Coming Back for our Next vehicle!
-- Leah S. Garnavillo, IA


Thanks for quick and painless transaction of selling my '98 Chevy Blazer. Working with Joe is easy and enjoyable.
-- Josh A. Topeka, KS


What an amazing dealer! I recently bought a car from Joe and although it took me about a week to finalize a loan he didn't try to sell the car out from underneath me. This is my first car through a dealer and Joe was nice and friendly making the whole experience a great one. After about a week after purchasing the car my engine light came on. I told Joe and he had me bring it in to check it out. Turns outs the glow plugs needed to be replaced. Despite the fact that Joe was under no obligation to fix the plugs he took care of the problem. Joe said that he would take it to a shop and get it fixed meanwhile we let me use a loaner car while mine was in the shop for free! When I say loaner car I don't mean a clunker but a car that is nicer than my original car. Joe went above and beyond any expectations! My car was fixed in a matter of days! And at no cost to me! Thank you so much Joe from 9-5 Auto, if I know of anyone looking for a car I will always refer them to you! 5 out of 5 stars every time!
-- Athena P. Imbler, OR

Mechanical Note

The only car dealer I have ever known, that would rather not make money on a deal, then sell somebody a piece of junk. I know every car he sells is quality, because he makes sure I fix any little problem, regardless of cost. If you are looking for a car in northeast Kansas, I couldn't recommend anyone else.
-- Chris with Kern Auto Repair Topeka, KS

My First Car

I totally love my 2006 Honda Accord I got last week from 9-5 Auto! Joe was extremely honest and professional, and I felt completely comfortable purchasing a car from him. Thanks, 9-5 Auto!
-- Kelsey H. Topeka, KS

Cross Country SUV

I'm a few weeks late, but wanted to take a moment to give a fantastic shout out to Joe. I bought the 2004 Acura MDX from him sight unseen (due to the recommendation of one of his clients). After I picked it up, we discovered there was a missing sensor on one of the tires (thank you Goodyear) and the airbags were on recall (thank you Acura). I took the Acura into Jay Wolfe Acura in KC and not only got the issues fixed, but it passed a DEALER multi-point inspection with flying colors. For a 11 year old used car, that is absolutely amazing. I'm about to set out on a new journey -- I'm moving to Seattle this weekend and thanks to Joe, I'm driving there and have no worries or anxieties. I highly recommend him!!
-- Matt M. Manhattan, KS